Saturday, February 2, 2008

Correction -3031 So. Wayne Ave - First House

"About this time Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ninde began what was really a "street to street canvass" for a house that should be the same time small, convenient, comfortable, attractive and inexpensive. Of course, there were "To Rent" signs on the architectural flotsam and jetsam of the city, but since to live in these would be a daily acknowledgement of artistic stupidity, they decided that to "find" anything livable meant to built it. So at the corner of Wildwood and South Wayne Avenues, in a neighborhood that had neither city water nor sewer, no electricity nor car line, they built a small house."

"In this first house they took intelligent advantage of what was possible, combining with the convenience of furnace and bath, a minimum amount of housekeeping and expense."
The Story of Wildwood "A story of Success" Singmaster Printing Ft. Wayne, Ind.
Complete set of "The Wildwood Magazines" can be found at the History Museum - Ft. Wayne, Indiana

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