Saturday, February 2, 2008

Madam Roberts' School

The other schools in Mobile that Joel could have gone to were the Knott School, which Mary Isbell and Edith Pillans attended, or Miss Annie Hunter’s, founded in 1881 and advertised that it attracted “pupils from the best families in the city”.[i] Finally, because of the proximity to Joel’s home, another promising prospect was Madame Robert’s (pronounced Ro-bair’s) school for girls at 57 Hamilton Street. Madame Paul Robert (nee Mary Catherine Ayers) owned the home and started the school in 1872. The school, commonly known as Madame Robert’s, was referred to as “The School for the Private Education of the Children of Southern Gentlewomen.”
[i] Elizabeth Henshaw “Daisy” Torrey Pillans’ Memoirs, p. 13. Original in possession of Mary Van Antwerp, Mobile, Alabama, February 11, 1936. Transcript copies at University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama.

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