Friday, February 1, 2008

Talented family members - embroidery,writing and painting

In addition, listed in the 1899 city directory in Mobile, Alabama are Miss Corinne and Miss Claudine Roberts who ran a business at 209 Conception Street utilizing their artistic talents in embroidery and fancy paintings. [i] [ii] Claudine and Corinne were aunt and niece, and first cousin and first cousin once removed respectfully of Joel Ninde’s father. Also, Claudia M. Roberts, sister of Corinne Roberts, wrote an unpublished novel set during the Civil War. A semi-biographical story, the main characters included her father and older sister. Claudia married Arthur Bombey and worked as a film editor and screenwriter in Hollywood. [iii]
[i] Mordecai Roberts (b. 1850, d. 1894) married Mary Evelyn Johnson, Occupation at age 20: miller Four children (f) Mary Claudine “Claude” (m) Seth, (f) Mordecai born circa 1896, (f) Grace. Mordecai Sr. and Mary Evelyn “Mamie” Johnson (f) Roberts died when their children were small. The children were divided up among aunts and uncles.[ii] Joel Ninde’s great uncle Seth Willis Roberts was a pharmacist. Seth’s daughter Corinne, lived with her niece Claudine or “Claude” Roberts, Joel Ninde’s second cousin. Claudine, niece of Claudia and Corinne Roberts would have been fifteen years old, living with her thirty-six year-old aunt Corinne during 1899. It is not known if all three ladies lived together. Claudia was listed in the 1900 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania census living with widowed cousin Alice Shalleross. Isbell records, 910 Government Street, Mobile, Alabama.[iii] Claudia M. Roberts (b. July 1872 in Mississippi), married in 1902 to Arthur Bombey and had one son, Thomas D. Bombey (b. 1905); and by 1910 was living in Mobile, Alabama and sharing the home with his older sister Sally Roberts Watkins and nephew and nieces Sydney G. (16), Sarah (16) and Mordicai (14). Ibid.

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