Saturday, February 2, 2008


This paper is dedicated to the memory of Joel, and all women who have succeeded in the architectural field.

Without the previous research of historians interested in Joel Roberts Ninde, this paper would not have been written. This research paper consists of two parts: 1998 and 2005. I combined both papers for this blog.

Thanks to Professor Ralph Violette, retired who put my first research paper on his history web page at IPFW, which led to the second part of my research in Mobile, Alabama in 2005.

Thanks to Dr. Michael Kaufmann, Liberal Studies who suggested a blog, so a complete history of Joel’s descendents in Mobile and her life in Fort Wayne would be available to the public.

Thanks to Sara Norwood, graphic designer who patiently guided me in creating this blog.

Thanks to my editors Joline Bowers, Roy and Ray Isbell, Mobile, Alabama, and Christine Erickson, History professor IPFW.

Thanks to the descendents of Joel Roberts Ninde whom I interviewed at the reunion of August 2005 in Mobile.

Thanks to Roy, Ray and Debbie Isbell for organizing the Roberts Reunion and transcribing the interviews.

Thanks to Roy and Ray Isbell for sharing their research on the Roberts ancestory and Mobile, Alabama history.

Thanks to Harold Lopshire, ARCH, Angie Quinn, ARCH, Creagor Smith, and Carolyn Devoe, whom I interviewed in 1998 in Fort Wayne.

Thanks to Angie Quinn, who provided the internship with ARCH and the set of questions I took to Mobile in 2005.

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