Wednesday, January 30, 2008

1250 and 1302 West Rudisill /National Historic Register

Joel Ninde (1873-1916) designed the Colonial Revivals at 1250 and 1302 West Rudisill. Ninde had no formal
architectural training, but was “recognized as a genius in home design and decorating.” The design of a
house for her husband Lee, as well as subsequent house designs, were a local success for their size and
affordability. In 1910 Lee formed Wildwood Builders, a real estate and construction company, with Joel and
partner Grace Crosby as designers and construction supervisors. Wildwood produced several hundred
houses throughout the city, promoted residential planning, and constructed several subdivisions. They
published articles on house design and decorating in the local newspaper and in their self-published
Wildwood Magazine. The company embraced City Beautiful concepts evident in the layout for Wildwood Park
and Lafayette Place designed by landscape architect Arthur Shurcilff. Ninde’s designs were typically “artistic”
and “moderately priced” Craftsman, Colonial Revival, and Four-square residences. The Rudisill Colonials
21 See Phyllis G. Brockmeyer’s report A. M. Strauss and Strauss Associates, Inc. for Ball State University College of Architecture and
Planning, 1989.
NPS Form 10-900 OMB No. 1024-0018
(Rev. 10-90)
United States Department of the Interior
National Park Service
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