Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Accounting/Bookkeeper Vocations in Roberts' Family

 Accounting/Bookkeeper Vocations in Roberts Family

Besides architecture, accounting and bookkeeping were pursued by several members of the Roberts family. Starting with Joel Abbott Roberts, Willis Roberts and his brother Walsingham, several success stories have recently surfaced through Isbell’s historical research. Joel Ninde’s first cousin, Joel Roberts Hunter, Sr. was born and lived at 910 Government, Mobile, Alabama, until circa age thirty. He was an accountant, moved to Atlanta and held the first CPA license in Georgia and one of the first CPA’s in the United States, president of the CPA Association, and in 1905 wrote an important book on accounting “Thinking in Figures.” [i]

Joel Roberts Hunter Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps. A certified public accountant, Mr. Hunter headed his own accounting practice in Atlanta, Ga. before joining Haskins and Sells in 1942 as a partner in New York. He was a 1927 graduate of Emory University School of Business Administration, member of the University School of Business Administration and a member of the Georgia Bar Association. Joel became president of Crucible Steel in 1957 and chairman in 1968. [ii] [iii] Michael Hunter, son of Joel Roberts Hunter Jr. owns Hunter Publishing Company. Joel Ninde’s close relatives were of a disciplined mind and their successes were not accidental.

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