Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Women and Business-Eberlein & Ninde

Jennie Eberlain's house

             Joel Ninde's house

Ahead of their time, many of the women in Joel Ninde’s family seemed to buck the traditional roles of women by starting and succeeding at their own businesses. One such business owner was Jennie Roberts Eberlein, aunt of Joel Ninde. According to the 1890 city directory, Jennie Eberlein owned a lumberyard and coal handling facility in Mobile called “J. Eberlein’s”. Jennie owned her own business separate separate from her husband George, who was a wholesale grocer.

Continuing in a seeming family tradition, Joel Ninde was establishing her many businesses in Fort Wayne, Indiana from 1900 to 1916: Wildwood Builders, Wildwood Lumber Company, Wildwood Magazine and Wildwood Design. Joel was the driving force of Wildwood Builders while her draftsperson, Grace Crosby, did the drafting and design work.

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