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Mrs. L. J. Ninde Dies Suddenly From Apoplexy

     Mrs. Lee. J. Ninde, aged forty-three years, one of Indiana's foremost women in home designing and decorating, wife of Lee J. Ninde, president of the Indiana Real Estate Association and Vice President of the National Association of Real Esgtate Exchanges of America, died suddenly at 10:00 o'clock lat night at the family residence, corner of Wildwood and South Wayne Avenues, following a stroke of apoplexy early in the morning.  Mrs. Ninde had been ill since Sunday, but her condition was not thought serious until yesterday morning.
     Mrs. Ninde was recognized as a genius in home designing and decorating.  She was the first person in Fort Wayne to take up the movement for more artistic homes of moderate prices.  It was her idea that finally culminated in the organization of the Wildwood Builders' Company which Mr. Ninde is president.  Before any companies designing for moderately priced homes the south side, which finally resulted in after years in Wildwood Avenue, Shawnee Place, a portion of Hoagland Avenue and several other south side district which are now looked upon as unique features in home planning and sub-division work of the city.  Shawnee Place has received publicity throughout Indiana and he middle west, having been the subject of several articles in which Mrs. Ninde was most favorably spoken of by the writers.  Her loss will be felt in the home planning and designing world of Fort Wayne and the middle west. 
     Mrs. Ninde was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Roberts of Mobile, Ala. where she was born December 21, 1873.  Her parents are still living.  Mrs. Roberts and Miss Lillian Taylor will arrive, here this afternoon from the south.  Mr. and Mrs. Ninde were married October 8, 1900.
     In May, 1914, Mrs. Ninde and Miss Grace E. Crosby formed a parternship for home designing and decorating.  In connection with her work Mrs. Ninde was called upon many times for addresses before Fort Wayne clubs and societies in cities of northern Indiana on home planning, designing and decorating.  At the last conference of the National Housing Association she took an active part in the committee work of the conclave, and was given unusual recognition.  She was the most prominent woman and one of the foremost delegates in attendance. 
     Mrs. Ninde also took a prominent place in social circles of this city.  A fluent speaker, eloquent in conversation and widely experienced and read in all phases of home building she took an unique place among women's organizations here.  Besides her parents and Mr. Ninde Mrs. Ninde is survived by two sisters: Miss Lillian Taylor and Mrs. Catherine Goodloe of Pensacola, Florida. 
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette March 8, 1916 pp 1,13

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