Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Specialization in Wildwood Builders

Specialization was also necessary. Wildwood Builders divided the business into three separate departments: Sales, Construction, and Architectural Design. Joel and Grace Crosby were in charge of the Architectural Design Department and worked in conjunction with the Construction Department. While Joel presented the ideas, Grace incorporated the designs into a working house plan and turned the blueprints over to the Construction Department.[i]
Customer needs came first at Wildwood Builders. From inception to completion expert advice was given on everything: selecting the building site, landscaping the property, and decorating the interior. Wildwood Builders orchestrated the entire gamut of home construction hiring subcontractors from all specialized fields. The total impact created was a picture-perfect neighborhood. [ii]
[i] The Story of Wildwood, n.d. 1-24, (Allen County –Fort Wayne Historical Museum).[ii] Ibid

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