Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Architectural Styles in Mobile 1873-1900

Among the many architectural styles popular in Mobile during Joel Ninde’s formative years (1873-1900), two in particular were the late Victorian and Greek Revival. A prime example of Greek Revival is the Oakleigh mansion, in the Oakleigh Garden Historic District neighborhood, which was primarily developed following the Civil War. (Figure 15) [i] The few antebellum Greek Revival homes, like the ones at 910 and 1004 Government Street, survived because of the resurgence in popularity around 1900. Elizabeth Barrett Gould, in her book From Builders to Architects, stated that when Greek Revival came into vogue again in the early 1900’s, virtually all of the high Victorian mansions of Mobile were replaced by houses with neoclassical elements.[ii]
[i] The Roberts House at 910 Government Street is one of the Oakleigh District‘s oldest structures dating from 1854. Historic Mobile Preservation Society.[ii] Gould, Elizabeth. From Builders to Architects (Black Belt Press: Mongomery, Alabama, 1997).

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