Wednesday, January 30, 2008

904 Government Street (History)

Laura Roberts Pillans, great-aunt of Joel R. Ninde, lived at 906 Government St. in a house built by her brother Joel Abbot Roberts in 1859, next door to 908 Government which he had built in 1857 next door to his own home at 910 (built in 1854).Laura Pillans described the burning of 904 Government Street in her Civil War-era diary. 904 was the home of Adrian Dure in 1870 through 1878. In 1880 he had moved to Marine Street. His daughter Nettie married George Stevenson Taylor, brother of R.V. Taylor who later lived at 910 Government Street. son was Adrian Dure Taylor, who died at age 26: was a first cousin of Adrian Stevenson Taylor who grew up at 910 Government Street.

Historical research by Ray Isbell-Mobile Alabama -current resident 910 Government St.

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