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Marriages, Divorces and Deaths.

Marriages and deaths in the Roberts family were a part of Joel’s childhood and early adulthood. The family appeared to be extremely close, often living together with relatives. Kate, the first family member to get married, wed Harry W. Woodhull on June 3, 1878. [i] A few of years later the young couple moved in with them for about a year when Joel was 6. When Joel was 10 years old, Harry became ill with typhoid and after 26 days he died on January 28, 1884, at age 27 years.
Kate lived with her parents, her sister Lillie and sister Joel, until she remarried Thornton Goodloe on December 11, 1894. Thornton was a distant cousin and thirteen years her junior born April 10, 1870 in Louisville, Kentucky. Thornton is not listed in either the city directory or the 1900 census for Mobile. At one point Kate and Thornton lived in Indianapolis, Indiana in the years 1900 and 1901. They divorced in 1907. Thornton remarried Theresa Verguson and moved to Detroit Michigan 1y 1910, In 1920 Thorton was working in Philadelphia, Penn. but listed in the Frankfort, Kentucky 1920 census in Cincinnati; and in 1947 he was living in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Thornton died after 1947.
After Kate's marriage, both Joel and her other sister, Lillian “Lillie” F. Taylor, lived with their parents until Joel married in October 1900 and moved to Indiana. Soon after Joel’s marriage, Lillie moved to Pensacola where she ran a boarding house.
By 1910, Kate Goodloe was living in Pensacola, Florida. Kate died in Jan. 30, 1936.[ii] [iii] Lillie married at the age of 60 to Cheever Lewis Shine in 1922, Pensacola, Florida Lillie is thought to have died by 1930. [iv]
And shown in the household in Pensacola the time of the 1910 census was their mother, Mrs. Willis Roberts. Both parents were living in the household in Pensacola.
Kate Taylor Goodloe and Lillie F. Taylor were half sisters of Joel Abbot Roberts Ninde, said to be the first female architect in Indiana. She was the wife of attorney Lee J. Ninde of Fort Wayne, Indiana. They married in Indianapolis in 1900. Evidently Miss Joel A. Roberts met Lee Ninde when visiting her sister (Kate) in Indianapolis.
Information taken from the obituary of Eliza Catherine "Kate" Taylor Goodloe.) Pensacola, Florida.

[i] Mobile City Directory.[ii] Kate and Lillie had a paternal grandfather named General William Cannon Taylor and first cousins who lived in Massachusetts and Texas, and aunts and uncles who were grandchildren of the governor of Georgia. Isbell records, 910 Government Street, Mobile, Alabama.[iii] 1900 census, Kate and Lillie Taylor’s aunt Octavia Walton Taylor Longley was a widow living in Newark, New Jersey (Essex Co) on Roseville Avenue in the household of Emma and Fannie Lewis. Octavia Longley was named for Octavia Walton LeVert who was a friend of Dr. Willis Roberts. Isbell records, 910 Government Street, Mobile, Alabama.[iv] Harry Woodhull was a bachelor, working as a bookkeeper for Williams & Glennon, who resided at the south side of Augusta Street, 2 east of Charles Street, five blocks southwest of 910 Government Street in 1876. In 1877 Harry lived at the north side of St. Louis, 2 west of Jackson Street, living next door to Willis and Moffitt and Kate, Lillie and Joel. In 1880 Harry was a bookkeeper with James Cunningham and Company and moved into his in-law’s house at 21 St. Conception Street when Joel was six years old. In 1882 Harry and Kate moved into their own home at 21 S. Conception Street, six blocks from Willis & Moffitt’s home. The1885-86 City Directory lists Kate Woodhull, widow of Harry, residing at 61 St. Louis St. (Her parents’ address). Isbell records, 910 Government Street, Mobile, Alabama.

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