Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Did Joel keep contact with her parents and sisters after moving to Fort Wayne?

Several articles have been recently discovered in the Pensacola Journal by Ray Isbell that answers this questions. January 2010

December 19, 1909, Sunday Morning.

The Old Mill Inn is to be exceptionally gay this season with its list of holiday guests. Besides those who are visiting the winter residents there, Mr. and Mrs. Lee J. Ninde have arrived from Fort Wayne, Indiana to spend Xmas with Miss Taylor, Mrs. Ninde's sister. Mrs. Willis Roberts is already there with her daughter and will be joined by Mr. Roberts from Mobile during the holidays. Mrs. Virginia Bland Jackson, a charming woman from Louisville, has deferred her departure until after Christmas and will not leave the Inn until after the holidays when she will go on to Mobile to be the guest of friends in the Alabama city.

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