Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Joel Roberts Ninde and Grace Crosby - Authors

G. Crosby's House
413 W. Dewald

Joel and Grace wrote many articles for Wildwood Magazine. One article in the Christmas 1914 issue featured a house plan inspired by an elm tree. The solarium and upper porch were strategically built so that the tree branches would provide shade. Windows were arranged to provide cross ventilation throughout the upstairs rooms.Another of Joel’s articles, “The Choice of Wallpapers,” published posthumously in the 1916 autumn issue of the magazine went into great detail about the virtues of wallpapering. By using a good quality wallpaper, house value could be greatly increased. Joel believed that the extra expense of imported wallpaper was not necessary because locally produced wallpaper quality was just as good. Joel also recommended buying two extra rolls of wallpaper to be used if cracks appeared in the walls.

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