Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wildwood Lumber Company

Other builders were also taking advantage of the thriving real estate market in Fort Wayne. Wildwood Builders’ closest competitor was Suburban Building Company. However, most companies at this time were still operating within the stereotypical mentality which involved buying only enough lumber and supplies for one house at a time. Wildwood Builders innovation involved buying their products in mass quantities. The purchasing agents for Wildwood Builders purchased enough lumber to build forty houses at a cost of fifty thousand dollars.[i]
Because of this purchasing method, storage space for materials was needed. Necessity dictated that Wildwood Builders purchase their own lumber company. This new company, located on the present, Kinsmoor Avenue (formerly 420 Organ) hired Mr. Sandmueler as manager. Supplies for the foundational, plumbing, and electrical materials were kept in stock at the lumber company. In the morning construction trucks could pull into the lumber company, load everything needed, and continue on to the building site. Efficiency and low construction costs were needed to beat the competition.[ii]
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