Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lafayette Place -National History District

Wednesday, February 29, 2012  News Sentinel Fort Wayne South East

"Site of the widest esplanade (park strip) in the city, bound by McKinney Ave, South Calhoun St., East Petitt Street, and Lafayette Street.
Along with Wildwood Park in 1914and Brookview in 1917, Lafayette Place is one of three Fort Wayne neighborhoods designed by Arthur Shurcliff of Boston." 

"Early Lafayette Place contractors included the Wildwood Builders Co. and its design team of Joel Roberts Ninde, wife of President Lee Ninde, and architect Grace Crosby.  Shurcliff's original design showed 444 lots, a playground, parks and a community center that was never build.  The neighborhood hosted the city's first home show in 1926."

Historical notes are from the Lafayette Place Magazine, published in 1923 on the occasion of Open House Week, October 24-31. Thousand of visitors came by streetcar and auto to see the modern homes in Fort Wayne's foremost new Addition

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