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Maternal Family History

.Maternal Family History

Joel Ninde’s mother, Moffitt Eliza Peacock,[i] was born February 1839 into a prestigious family in Montgomery, Alabama. Moffitt and siblings Jesse, Camella, Michael Baker, Sally and Fanny lived a fairly comfortable life at the Moses Garrison/Michael Peacock plantation. Michael Peacock, the children’s father died around 1853, when Moffitt was about 14. In 1860 his widow, Mary Eliza Peacock, had a net worth of $150,000. So Moffitt apparently grew up quite well-to-do. [ii] Moffitt’s first marriage was on February 15, 1855 to William. S. Taylor, as recorded in Montgomery County, Alabama. William died soon after the marriage, although the exact date is unknown. According to St. John’s Episcopal Church records in Mobile, she appears to have married a second time by 1857 to Henry Bright Taylor, in all probability her late husband’s brother. Henry is listed in the church records as the father of Moffitt’s daughters, Kate and Lillie, born 1857 and 1861 respectively. Both girls were baptized in the church on October 24, 1864. The records show Moffitt and Henry were later confirmed on June 18, 1865. Moffitt’s second husband was probably deceased by the time Willis Roberts was confirmed in October 17, 1869. Moffitt Eliza Taylor and her third husband, Willis Roberts, were married on February 9, 1870 at St. John’s Episcopal Church. Daughter Joel was born on December 21, 1873, although no baptismal record has been found.

[i] Many different spellings for Moffitt. St. John’s Episcopal Church spelled her name Moffitt three times and once with only one T. One genealogy book said that Willis married “Widow Moffitt”. Genealogy of the Bolles Family in America (Boston: Henry W. Dutton Son, 1865.) Mobile Co. Probate Court marriage records spelled her name Moffit E. Taylor (book 24, page 255). The U. S. Census records her name differently each decade. 1840 census, children not identified; 1850 census, Mophet; 1860 census not located; 1870 census, Moffat; 1880 census, Moffett; 1890 census burned; 1900 census, Moffitte; 1920 census, Mrs. W. C. Roberts; and deceased by the 1930 census (U.S. Census, Mobile, Alabama). The obituary didn’t even put her given, or maiden, name, simply “Mrs. Willis Roberts”.[ii] “The Descendants of Dr. Willis Roberts & Asenath Alexander” page 21.

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