Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Statistics of slaves in Moffett's grandparents household

     Slaves in /Baker/Peacock/ Roberts/Pillans Family

Slavery in the South was a known factor and Joel’s ancestors were no exception. Moffitt’s grandparents, William and Catherine Peacock, owned slaves in the early 1800’s. It is interesting to note that in her will probated October 25, 1851, Catherine Peacock Baker directed as “soon as practicable after my death take and use all proper and necessary means inclusively with the will of my late husband William Peacock to emancipate the following negroes to wit: Sandy, Mariah, Albert, Caroline and her two children John and Charles and their increase and it is my wish and desire that the above married negroes remain on my plantation until their emancipation is effected & afterwards if they desire to do so.” The 1840 census for Montgomery County listed ten slaves for Moffitt’s father, Michael Peacock, and in the 1850 census twelve slaves were listed.

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