Wednesday, January 30, 2008

908 Government Street (history)

The Roberts-Pillans home, which was demolished in 1979. The 1878 Atlas of Mobile was published in Baltimore and shows 908 Government Street as the property of E.P. Gaines (Edmund Pendleton Gaines, M.D.) Palmer J. Pillans (and wife Laura Roberts) lived at 906 Government and Mary T. Roberts (Joel Ninde's grandmother) lived at 910 Government. In 1918, Hal Pillans and wife Rosalia Navarro were photographed on the front steps of 908 Government Street, with the east wing of 910 Government Street in the background. This photo taken by Mary Pillans Van Antwerp in the late 1940s shows the houses at 912 and 914 Government Street beyond the corner of 910 Government. These houses were demolished in early 1960s for commercial interests.

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