Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lee Nindes' Life after Joel's death in 1910

After Joel’s death, Lee Ninde remarried in June 28, 1917, to his secretary, Miss Helena M. Emmett, daughter of Charles W. Emmett. During this marriage, three children were born: Robert Emmett Ninde, Lee J. Ninde Jr. and Helen Mary Ninde. [i]Helen died in October 1971.  Lee and his second wife lived at 1702 Hawthorn Road, Wildwood Park.   Lee Ninde’s descendents knew nothing about Lee’s first wife Joel’s architectural success in Fort Wayne, though his second and third wife, (Syna B. Hanswer m. 1931) were employees of the firm she co-founded. But the Nindes kindly provided pictures of Lee’s parents, Judge Lindley and wife Beulah Coffin Puckett Ninde. 

Lee Ninde lost everything financially after the Depression Crash of 1929. 

[i] Children of Lee J. Ninde and Helena Mary Emmett: Robert Emmett Ninde 4/28/19-2/185 lived in Barnesville, Ohio, died Columbus/Whitehall, Franklin Co., Oh Zip 48213, Lee J. Ninde, Jr. 10/13/1921-9/13/1995 age 73 lived and died in St. Paul Mn. Zip 55075, Helen Mary Ninde Trone 6/12/1923-3/29/2002 residence localities, Beaverton, Washington. Co., Oregon and Progress, Washington Co., Oregon Zip 97005. July 2005 Telephone Interview of Marlee Ninde Khartoum by Roy Isbell

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anne said...

My grandfather was Lee Ninde. My father Robert was the eldest son of Helena and Lee. Although I was not related to Joel I have enjoyed our shared family connection and think her work was beautiful.