Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Missing Link - Mobile and Fort Wayne


The search for the missing link between Joel and her husband Lee has not been found. Although possible, it is not probable that Joel and Lee met at Harvard where he attended law school or at the Mardi Gras in Mobile. One strong possibility is that a relative or friend introduced them to each other. Joel Ninde’s second cousin Hal Pillans, who attended West Point, married Rosario Navarro of Key West, whose mother, Mrs. Babcock had relatives in Fort Wayne. The Pillans family had a summer home in Key West. Since Lee was from Fort Wayne, the possibility exist that Joel and Lee met while vacationing in Key West.

Isbell Records, Mobile, Alabama

A recent discovery of (an article in the) Indianapolis Star Newspaper of November 7, 1914 states that "As a young woman, she came north to visit and eventialy became the bride of Lee J. Ninde, a Ft. Wayne lawyer, .........."

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