Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Growth of Fort Wayne

As Joel and Lee’s business began to coalesce and take form. Lee, his brother Daniel, and a few professional friends bought land in the area of South Wayne and Broadway Streets. [i] By this time, dirt streets had been converted to gravel. Improvements such as sewer, extended electrical lines, and street cars lines had been added, making land development more lucrative. Neighborhoods were upgraded as residents strove to improve the unkempt appearance of their property. Lots continued to appreciate in value As more houses were built and sold the business became more lucrative. By the end of 1902, twelve houses had been constructed and sold. With the profit from these houses, the Nindes and their business associates were well on their way to a profitable business.

[i] Harold Lopshire, interview by Corinne Toth, April 17, 1998 and May 1, 1998.[ii] The Story of Wildwood, n.d., 1-24 (Allen County-Fort Wayne Historical Museum).

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