Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Conclusion from Mobile

 Conclusion from research from trip to Mobile in 2005

In conclusion, the research in Mobile uncovered some interesting facts concerning the family’s fascination with architecture. Joel Ninde’s spirit appears incarnate in the form of Palmer Clarkson Hamilton. Palmer is a 21st century lawyer who also dabbles in historic architectural preservation in Mobile. “My vocation is law, but my hobby is architecture and restoration. I guess I’ve done….between 75 and a hundred houses over the last 25 years…We’re starting construction in downtown Mobile on Dauphin Street at Cedar and Dauphin on a vacant lot of a federalist two and a half story townhouse with wrought iron balcony and next to that house a little story and a half Creole cottage, masonry….We’re taking the old Historic American Buildings survey plans and specs and trying to recapture some of our lost architecture...and Madame Robert’s (Ro-bair”) cottage, we’re rebuilding it at 203 Marine.” The Robertses’ fascination and love of architecture still lives strong in Mobile, Alabama.[i]
[i] Palmer C. Hamilton, Interview by Corinne Toth 08/05/05.

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