Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Growth of Wildwood Builders

Growth of Wildwood Builders – Board Members, Stockholders & Employees

Joel’s “little hobby” had become a profitable business with board members, stockholders, and employees. Joel and Grace worked together in Joel’s home office and made an indispensable duo. [i] On the executive board of Wildwood Builders, Lee served as president and Lee’s brother Dan as Vice-president. Other board members included F. K. Safford as Secretary and Fred B. Shoaff as Treasurer.[ii] Wildwood Builders headquarters were located in the Shoaff Building at the corner of East Berry and South Calhoun[iii].

Stock offered to the public provided the money needed for expansion. The Nindes had a wide circle of wealthy and prestigious friends and acquaintances from which to choose their stockholders. Twenty percent of the stock investors were women. Grace Crosby, Joel’s friend, business partner and stockholder, became a driving force in the success of Wildwood Builders [iv]
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