Wednesday, January 30, 2008

908 Government Street (History Continued)

Miller Reese Hutchinson, who lived at 908 Government Street, Mobile, in the 1880s, before Harry Pillans acquired the home built by his uncle Joel Roberts. One reference says the patent to the original hearing aid was secured while Reese Hutchinson was still living at 908 Government.
An interesting classified ad appeared in the Mobile Register on Sept. 11, 1868, page 3:"For Sale or Rent from 1st November.THE large two-story HOUSE on Government street, fourth above Broad; containing seven Rooms, with Kitchen, three Servants' Rooms, beside Closets, Pantry and Storeroom; has a good Well of Water and other conveniences. The House is in good condition, with gas throughout. Rent to suit the times. Mrs. Mary T. Roberts." The house was approximately 14 or 15 rooms by this description. Closets were usually the name for what we call bathrooms today. In 1870, 908 Government St. was rented by the John and Mary Lorena (Cook) Simpson and their family. They had 10 children. Research by Ray Isbell-Mobile, Alabama 910 Government Street

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