Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ownership History of Grace Crosby's Home at 413 W. Dewald

The Crosby house was built by Grace E. Crosby’s parents c.1867. It remained in the family until her death. George and Naomi Crosby purchased the lot in Tyler’s Addition from Mary Rockhill Tyler in the 1860s. They were parents of three children; William, Mabel, and Grace, born in 1874. George Crosby worked as a machinist for the Wabash Railroad. Grace Crosby’s sister Mable had a career as a school teacher. Neither Mable nor Grace ever married, living in the home with their mother until her death in 1929. The sisters inherited the home and both remained in the home until their deaths.

The house was purchased from Grace Crosby’s estate by Maria and Joseph Blasko. The Blaskos were immigrants from Hungary. They came to Fort Wayne in 1959 in a refugee resettlement program, after spending several years in a refugee camp in Austria. They had fled Hungary during the 1956 Revolution. In 1962, Maria’s son, Steve Tibor Nagy, was engaged to Siegrid Tagtmeyer, a distant cousin of Grace Crosby. Through this family connection, the Blaskos knew that the home was to be sold with all its contents. (Siegrid and Steve T. Nagy were married in the back yard of 413 West DeWald in 1963.) Maria Blasko left the Grace E. Crosby House to her grandson, Steven Joseph Nagy, the current owner.

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