Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Laura Pillans Diary Fire 904 Government St.

Laura Pillans diary, August 19, 1865:"Was awakened this morning about 5 o'clock by a sudden and loud explosion, and jumping out of bed and running to the window, beheld the house next door to us burning fiercely. Instantly a sense of excitement ensued, each of our little family getting together whatever we most wished to save and now and then running to the window and screaming "Fire", for as yet not a soul was stirring and we had no hope of saving our house. After about a half hour the engines appeared and succeeded in putting out the blaze that was already creeping over the south east corner of the house and, contrary to all expectations, saved the building. The old black locust tree spread his long green arms and, breasting the fury of the flames, shielded us until other help arrived. How many times my eyes have dwelt admiringly upon its graceful shape and blessed it for its cooling shade, but now I owe it a debt of gratitude which should be repaid. I will loosen the baked earth about its roots and lop off its withered leaves, water its scarred old body and then we will hope it will renew its life and its beauty. This day, the saddest day of the year to me, I had intended to devote to the memory of my dear little boy. He is never forgotten but the anniversary of his death was to have been spent with him alone, but, like that fatal day, the house was filled with noise and confusion and the rushing to and fro of friends seeking to be of assistance." 906 SLIGHTLY VISIBLE TO LEFT OF PICTURE Research by Ray Isbell-Mobile Alabama -current resident of 910 Government St.

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