Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Did Joel have brothers & sisters?

 Joel Ninde’s Immediate Family

There is no definitive information regarding Joel’s and her sisters’ childhood or social life. Since Joel had cousins and older sisters, it is unlikely she lacked for playmates, friends, and caretakers. Siblings Kate and Lillie were 16 and 12 years older than Joel so her parents had built-in baby sitters. One piece of evidence corroborating Joel’s social status was a photo found at the South Alabama Archives when she was between the ages of 16-21. Mobile had several photography studios by 1891, when that photo was taken but a family had to have money to have a studio photograph taken. One of Joel Ninde’s relatives had a studio, the Frame Shop, at the S. W. corner of St. Francis and Conception.

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This photo is property of University of South Alabama Archives.