Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Eternally together- Joel, Lee and daugher

Unanswered Questions

All this is speculation, because the facts have not been completely uncovered. How she met and fell in love with Lee Ninde is unknown. The questions of some areas of Joel Ninde’s past remain shrouded by the veils of time although more information is being uncovered as research continues. Until these missing links are uncovered, the burning questions of Joel Ninde’s history and her move from Mobile to Fort Wayne will be unanswered. Eternally together, Lee (1/8 1874 -12/23/1953) and Joel Roberts Ninde (12/21/1873-3/7/1916) and their unnamed baby, who died May 22, 1906, are buried in Lindenwood Cemetery, Fort Wayne, Indiana.


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Lee said...

She was involved in real estate in AL and Lee was a developer in IN. It is believed that they met in Chicago, possibly at a real estate conference.