Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Finally, The answer- How did Joel Roberts meet Lee Ninde?

A recent discovery of Eliza Catherine "Kate" Taylor Goodloe's obituary/grave site by Ray Isbell reveals the answer.

Kate was married to Thorton, Meriwether Goodlow on December 12, 1894, Mobile Co. Alabama.

Thorton was an insurance underwrter living in Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1900 and 1901.

The last paragraph of the obituary states "Kate Taylor Goodloe was a half sister of Joel Abbot Roberts Ninde, said to be the first female architect in Indiana. She was the wife of attorney Lee J. Ninde of Fort Wayne, Indiana. They married in Indianapolis in 1900.

Evidently Miss Joel A. Roberts met Lee J. Ninde when visiting her sister Kate in Indianapolis.

Research into Lee Ninde's career as a lawyer indicates that he first started practicing law in Indianapolis after his graduation from Harvard.  As a married couple they moved to Fort Wayne where Lee joined the law firm of his two brothers Harry and Daniel Ninde. 

Romantics can only fill in the  blanks on the possibilities of the first meeting between Joel Roberts from Mobile and Lee Ninde from Fort Wayne. 

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