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Wedding of Joel and Lee in Indianapolis - October 8, 1900

A pretty home wedding occurred 10/8/1900 last night in the apartment of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Goodwin at the Victoria, when Mrs. Goodloe's sister Miss Joel Abbot Roberts of Mobile, Alabama and Mr. Lee J. Nynde (Ninde) of Fort Wayne were married by Rev. Andrew J. Grachem.  Only the immediate family witnessed the ceremony.  The bride was unattended and wore a pretty gown of white taffeta silk trimmed with chiffon and carried a bouquet of white flowers.  Her veil was draped with orange blossoms.  The different rooms were adorned with flowers and follage plants.  Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs. Willis Roberts, of Mobile, Alabama, parents of the bride, Judge L. M. Ninde of Fort Wayne, Mr. and Mrs. Ridgely Gayce of Louisville, Miss Stanard, Mr. Williams Gordon and Miss Taylor of Mobile, Alabama.  Mr. and Mrs. Nynde have gone on a wedding tour.  They will reside in Fort Wayne.
Miss Joel Abbott Roberts was the guest of honor at two entertainments Saturday, one as afternnon tea given by Mrs. Eastman and an evening company, given by Miss Josephone Smith

Ref. The Indianapolis Journal, Tuesday, October 1900
Submitted to yours truly by Ray and Roy Isbell, Mobile, Alabama

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